Fixing and Replacing Your Refrigerator Water Filter

Everyone takes the refrigerator water filter for granted when using this appliance. They don’t realize its importance until they get dirty water or uneven water flow. Here are some tips for repairing and replacing this device.

Tips to Repair Your Filter

Although replacing the filter is the norm, you can take the time to fix it yourself. It could be that there’s a small hole that needs a simple plug. The first step is to know the filter’s location, which varies by the fridge model. On some fridges, you’ll find it in a small compartment that’s inside of the fridge near the ceiling. On other appliances, you’ll find it embedded in the door.

Even if you succeed in fixing the filter, the manufacturer recommends that you replace it at least once a year. Follow their guidelines to buy the right product since it’s possible to install the wrong one. Browse through a list of highly-rated filters that are available here.

Tips to Replace It

First, make a note of replacing your filter every six months. Repairing it is not possible because the fibers are delicate and tear very easily. It’s more logical and affordable to replace the entire filter.

The problem with this method is that many people forget to replace their fridge filters! They remember to maintain the air conditioner and visit the mechanic once a year, but they ignore the importance of replacing the filter. Just remember that if you don’t replace the filter regularly, your fridge develops all kinds of problems.

The filter works by blocking a buildup of particles that cause damage to your appliance. An air filter blocks dust and dirt from getting into your air conditioner. Similarly, a water filter prevents limescale from building up in your fridge as a result of hard water stains. This problem reduces your appliance’s lifespan by several years.

This buildup reduces the flow of your water that comes out of your drinking water dispenser. Some people notice a mineral-filled taste in their water. Lead, mercury and household chemicals are found in fridge water that’s not filtered. Over time, this problem affects the health of you and your occupants.

Everyone who knows about home maintenance has heard of the importance of replacing filters. Risking the safety of you and your family is not worth it when it takes only a few minutes to fix this problem. So put fridge maintenance on the top of your to-do list, and look for the right filter that’s available here.