Is an Occupational Therapy Degree right for me?

You’re at a crossroads in your pursuit of a career. You want to start a new adventure that helps others and makes you happy. And while you thought riverboat gambler would be the answer, there aren’t many opportunities.

What about Occupational Therapy?

There you go. This form of mental therapy combines assessment and intervention to restore positive and meaningful feelings toward an activity or occupation. In addition, it works for individuals, groups, or entire communities.

As opposed to riverboat gambling, occupational therapy careers are on the rise. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, OT positions will increase 26% through 2026. The reasons for this are fairly simple.

First, the requirements to become an occupational therapist aren’t as stringent as becoming a medical doctor. No need for four years of classes, internships, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in financial aid. Second, helping those who require OT isn’t as stressful as the responsibilities of a psychiatrist or nurse practitioner.

Third, unlike riverboat gambling, salaries in occupational therapy are fairly stable. After training with other professionals, individuals can start out in the high five-figures and top out in the six-figure range. Since an OT degree doesn’t cost as much as medical school, someone in this career can actually make a profit.

Is an Occupational Therapy Degree right for you?

Well, is it? We don’t know what you’re thinking. If we could, then we’d know much more about you.

However, if we could read your mind, we’d know two things. One — yes, it’s okay to eat ice cream for breakfast. Two — a Doctor of Occupational Therapy degree is worth your time and effort.

Being able to perform OT requires more than a Master’s. Truth be told, an OT degree is somewhere between a master’s and a full medical certification. However, it doesn’t take as long to achieve.

If it’s right for you, know that you’ll need to commit time in classes and the field. This is not a certification you can acquire through a series of online programs. At some point, you will be dealing with others. This is an important point.

Occupational therapy focuses on people and groups who need to regain their motivation for an activity or job. In some cases, they may be generally dissatisfied. In other situations, the reason for OT is they’re coming back from a serious illness or conditions related to depression and anxiety.

If you’re an introvert who would rather spend time reading with your cat than dealing with other people, this career path is not for you. However, if you have always been someone who has purposely moved in a direction to help others, then you want to consider a Doctor of Occupational Therapy degree.

Where to go from here?

Now, it’s time for you to put down your breakfast ice cream and take the next step toward a new challenge. Make sure you learn everything you can about occupational therapy and the education required to take the next powerful step forward.