The Importance of a Healthy Mouth

You will agree that dental health is extremely important in a person’s life and functioning, so occasionally we all need a visit to the dentist. A healthy and beautiful smile will make you feel better, and we will be more attractive to others. No need to emphasize the poor dental health has a major impact on the overall health of your body in a negative way, of course.

Finding a dentist in Montreal should not be a hard job as the dental care & services are available throughout the city. The first thing you need to do is to find out what service they provide and how much it will cost you. Tooth repair is done by all dentists, while for some of the more demanding ventures needs to find the right expert, not every dentist is specialized in all areas. For example, tooth extraction requires a surgeon’s teeth because the roofs of the teeth are connected to different organs. Mostly wisdom teeth that grow wrong or have not grown enough require dental surgery, so in that case, it is best to perform dental surgery. The surgery will consist of a small incision that will allow easy tooth extraction as well as a proper graying of the wound, so in the future, you can set the artificial teeth properly.

Nowadays, dental implants are becoming increasingly popular, so if you are looking for a dentist in Montreal and considering dental implants, you need to know that some dental implants are better then the others. The implants are placing in space where the tooth is missing and consists of three parts: the crown, connector, and base. The crown is mainly made of ceramic material, and it looks remind on a real tooth. The connector serves to secure the implant that is inserting into the base, and the base is a titanium screw which fuses with natural bone and gives an excellent stable base.

If you want dental implants, this will require dental surgery, but don’t worry, performing in most of the cases request to be sedated. During the procedure, the dentist will make a small hole in your jaw and carefully insert the base of the implant into the bone. After that, the gums are moving back over the implants to heal. After healing the base of implants, a second surgery needs to make the connector to fit into the top part of the implant, and finally, the dentist can place the crown on the top of the connector, with which the procedure ends.